We Tint

  • Vehicles
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial premises
  • Boats (including polycarbonate windows)

We Use

  • Solar film
  • Safety Security and Anti-Graffiti Film
  • Privacy Film
  • Decorative window films
  • Architectural finishes (Di-Noc)

Benifits of Window Film:

  • Heat Reduction
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV Block

These three features alone slow down fading to floors, furnishings, precious photos and art work. The heat reduction also results in a more comfortable room climate with savings in energy usage on air conditioners.

Better daytime privacy, A clearer crisper view out, Improved ascetic looks to buildings and vehicles.


Benifits of Window Film:

The most important feature of window film is the safety factor to glass, a prime consideration in cyclone affected zones.

3M Ultra Series Safety and Security films give peace of mind when the weather turns bad, helping to hold your unhinged doors and windows together thus helping to prevent flying glass shards as well as wind and water penetration to your building.

You have security screens on some windows but what about the vulnerable ones that can be broken and entered in a matter of seconds-that's where 3M unique ultra security films make for a lot of sense and peace of mind.

If you are concerned about your safety & security don't wait until the cyclone season. You need to act now!

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