3M Solar Films




3M are the inventors of window film and are at the leading edge of new technologies in this field. Their solar films include ceramic films with beautiful clarity that are quite different from traditional dyed and metalized films. Then there is their Prestige range, a result of nanotechnology where over 200 micro layers in the thickness of a hair actually bend out U V light and heat without compromising natural light.

Benefits of Solar Window Film


  • Heat Rejection
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV Block
These three features alone slow down fading to floors, furnishings, precious photos and art work. The heat reduction also results in a more comfortable room climate with savings in energy usage on air conditioners.
Better daytime privacy, a clearer crisper view out, improved ascetic looks to buildings and vehicles.
Solar Window Film — 3M™ Solar Films in Trinity Beach, QLD

Energy Efficiency


Save money keep the heat from getting in and you won't have to pump it out. By rejecting the heat before it enters through windows will translate into savings in air conditioning costs.

UV Protection


The sun's ultraviolet rays are a major contributor to fading

Carpeting, furniture, panelling, electronic appliances, desks and curtains represent a sizable investment that can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.
3M™ Films filter out 99% of the sun's harmful rays
Energy Efficiency — 3M™ Solar Films in Trinity Beach, QLD

Improved Aesthetics


Viewed from the outside, 3M™ Film gives your home or office building a clean, contemporary appearance

Since there is a complete selection of films that vary in colour, density and heat rejection qualities, we can show you a film that offers you the ideal balance of aesthetic and performance characteristics.
Improved Aesthetics — 3M™ Solar Films in Trinity Beach, QLD