Safety and Security Films

Man installing window tint — Safety and Security Films in Trinity Beach, QLD
The impact of unwholesome elements like severe weather and UV rays is reduced with 3M Scotch Shield Ultra window films. We can protect your home or building from more elements than the sun. Scotchshield Ultra safety and security films hold your glass in place helping to protect you and your family against destructive weather and crime.

'Duty of Care' is a statement that is used more than ever in modern society. From simple awareness to possible danger to complex threat assessment, building managers must consider the safety of people in an around the built environment.

Glass is often considered the weakest point in a building. Windows that break in extreme climatic conditions or as a result of terrorist action can cause major damage and serious injury. Flying sharp shards of glass can be avoided by installing clear window film designed to maintain the panel of glass in one piece following impact. 3M provides a range of films to deal with the specific nature of any threat. From film designed to bring old glass up to current Australian Standard (AS1288), to bomb blast film for high-threat public spaces, there is an advanced solution to solve your risk assessment

Safety Films - help hold glass together during destructive weather, household accidents and even in acts of terrorism.

Security Films - provide fragment retention by helping to hold glass together during smash and grab crimes and acts of vandalism.

Safety Code
- All glass in any building is required to comply with a safety code.

AS1288 - This Australian Standard applies to all glass in buildings.

AS2208 - This Australian Standard applies to glass and human impact i.e. safety of people in buildings.

Storm Safety - Applying Safety Film to your glass makes your glass less lethal in the event of high winds and storms reducing the risk of flying glass and therefore protecting you and others.

Bomb Blast - Although we do not live in a high risk area for bombs blasts, home and workplace explosions still occur. Safety Film on the glass protects the people from flying shards of glass which can be potentially lethal.

Pool Balustrading
- The pool area is a perfect example of where glass can be broken easily. Applying safety film to the glass fencing reducing the risk of not only personal injury but glass entering the pool if broken. If broken glass enters the pool it is almost impossible to find - the pool will need to be emptied to remove all glass pieces and ensure safety of swimmers.

Balcony Balustrades - Safety Film applied to glass balustrades on a balcony maintains the views yet protecting the people on both sides if the glass broke. In the event of a breakage, the glass would be held together by the film with no pieces flying off down below into the path of innocent bystanders.

Nickel Sulphide Inclusions - This compound is added to glass to make it safer. It is done in a process called 'toughening'. Toughened glass when broken breaks in to thousands of tiny pieces thus removing the risk of dangerous sharp shards of glass. However this process makes the glass more unstable and at risk of exploding. Applying safety film will hold the glass together if this happens.

School & Nursing Home Safety - Schools and Nursing Homes are 2 places where people are prone to falls and could fall into glass. Safety Film on the glass prevents them getting cut if they fell into the glass.